Desire Paths

A desire path is a path created by the repeated traversing of people or other animals on and through an unpaved ground in order to get from one point to the other faster than the delineated paths would allow.

A sign-stand in a public space is a site of direct communication. Sometimes with an instruction or a direction, it is meant to impart the information needed to act, to stand in line, to wait here or there, to go into such and such store for the sale, to entice, to guide, to get across. What does a poetic sign do in a place of signs, in a landscape of signs? In a landscape of transitioning commerce?

With the title as text on the other side, the collage is wishing, wanting, and longing, an impossible wishing, wanting and longing. The re-constructed images, now as collages, are from an accumulation of a commercial ubiquitousness and impersonal newness that builds and erodes.

Is there desire in this erosion, in going off the beaten path? Could we encounter it at the mall? At the station? In the erosion of the coming and goings in and of these spaces?